Mar. 22, 2020

Holy Sh*t, it is Safe to Cry

We so often get wadded up in our programming by our parents, which is reinforced by society, that to be vulnerable or show emotions somehow equates to weakness.

This is the biggest lie our world has been conditioned to believe.

The truth is, we have it backwards:

Those who have the Courage to Feel are Warriors.  Those who are secure enough in their personhood to not only feel, but express their emotions, are Warriors.  In this society, it takes the Courage of a Warrior to Feel.  THAT is a true sign of strength.  To live your actions openly and authentically from your heart is the definition of strength.  To live your truth in the face of ridicule and ostracization and not be afraid of what others think - THAT is a true sign of strength.  To own the power of your emotions and express your feelings - which gives others permission to do the same - THAT is a true sign of strength and leadership.

Those who are too scared to show their emotions act in Cowardice.  Many have been conditioned by stoic families to believe they cannot show emotions, because that makes you weak, and therefore susceptible to harm; this is a patently false and abusive belief.  You have been programmed with fear by fearful people, who learned at some point in their life it was not safe to express emotions.  You have been conditioned to believe the same, which is impeding your personal growth and opportunity to live authentically.  To believe it is unsafe, because it is "weak" to express your emotions, limits you.  It does not make you strong.  It disconnects you.  It is Cowardice.  It is no sign of strength to limit yourself. 

I was born first generation to eastern european parents.  I understand the latter.  I was raised to believe "No one cries", and felt the physical repercussions for not adhering to this belief.  What this teaches our children robs them of their identity.  It becomes an ingrained core-belief that is carried into adulthood, which further limits connection with thyself and others.  Then we wonder why we are lonely and in dysfunctional relationships with everyone.

It is never too late to begin the healing process.  Understand you have been conditioned a certain way that no longer works for you.  Know when you open your heart and allow your love to shine through via expressions of your emotions, you are not only healing yourself, but the world.  You are showing others it is safe to be heart-centered and authentic.  You are giving others permission to soften their heart and to live from love.  You are making the world a better place, in real-time.

As an Energy Healer, I can attest to the fact that the greatest healing power emanates from an open, emotion-filled heart.  To the extent that we feel, is the extent to which we can heal.  Your emotions ARE your Superpower.  Breathe deep and feel safe in this knowing.  You are already there.

We have two options in this world, always:  Live from Love, or Life from Fear.  We have seen what living from Fear has done to this world.  Make the choice to embody real strength by expressing your emotions.  Live from Love.  I promise, it is the safest thing you can do. ❤️

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