Nov. 8, 2018

Attitude of Gratitude: Part One - Fear Busting!

(Stay tuned for Part Two - How to Manifest with Gratitude) 

Do you increasingly feel like things aren't right in the world?  Perhaps it's getting harder to get up each day?  Do you feel anxious, not your best, or overwhelmed by external energies?  Do you sometimes wish to hide from the world?  If so, you're in good company, as the majority of us (especially highly-sensitive people) are feeling that fear...

But wait!  There's good news, everyone!

I'm going to share the simplest, QUICKEST way to move your energy out of fear.... it almost seems too easy, but trust me, it works!

Using myself as an example, I wake up each morning in a state of fear and panic.  My PTSD is triggered upon the realization I'm out of the astral realm and back in the density.  I've never not woken up in fear.  It's a terrible way to start the day.  I do not recommend it.  But if you're like me, I'm going to share a technique I've found to be a lifeline:  an Attitude of Gratitude.

Here's what to do:

Upon awakening, and your heart begins to race, I want you to immediately  think "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you", repeatedly, for at least a minute.  Keep mentally vibrating "Thank you".  You'll start to notice your body relaxing.  You'll start to notice your heart rate slowing.  You'll being to feel a soothing warmth in the body. 

Once your body starts to calm down, you can be more specific/creative.  Ones I like to say are:  "Thank you, bed, for being so comfy", "Thank you, home, for keeping me warm and safe", "Thank you today, for all the wonderful things coming my way".

From this calm, clear space you can begin your morning affirmations, meditations, and/or mirror work.  From this space, you can decide how you want to be today, what face you want to show the world, how you want to act, and how you want people to receive you.  You'll soon realize that ultimately YOU get to decide how your day goes, especially when you make time for yourself in the morning to set your vibration, and mitigating morning panic is the first step!

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude ANY time you feel fear.  Whether it be waking up, public speaking, paying your bills, performing, walking through a rough neighborhood, etc.  Identify something in your field of vision to appreciate (such as a beautiful flower), or simply think "Thank you".  You'll be amazed at how quickly your body calms down!  Gratitude is the Highway to Love, and love is the highest vibration of all.  Not even fear can stand in its way. ❤

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