End of Life Doula Services

When your loved one undergoes their end-of-life transition, it can be a difficult process for all parties involved.

Often, our loved one may be in pain or scared, and the impending loss of our loved one might be overwhelming to us.

Whether your beloved is human or animal, we offer End of Life Doula services either in-person or by distance. 

What is End of Life Doula service?

It is a spiritual service; we offer Reiki to your loved one in the time leading up to and during their transition to ease their pain & anxiety, as well as to ensure a safe return home to the other side.

What are clients saying about our End of Life Doula services?

"My cat received Distance Reiki as he was being put down.  It was one of the most beautiful, profound experiences of my life.  He was in an immensely calm state and purring the whole time.  I felt this beautiful wave of peace fill the room as he transitioned to the other side.  Even after he passed, I felt his body continuing to purr for several minutes afterward.  It was an effortless, peaceful transition for my cat, and the best possible outcome for me as well. 

Despite how hard the loss was, the experience itself was sacred and profoundly moving.  I am overwhelmingly grateful that I received divine assistance from Julie throughout the whole process. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone looking to bless their loved one with a peacful, divine transition."


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