Jan. 6, 2019

A Message for 2019

The energy of 2019 is on course to be a culmination of all our hard work in 2018.  All the seeds we lovingly planted last year will sprout above the soil, like little saplings reaching out for the sun, each day getting stronger, solidifying its purpose of being here.  This year, you will shine, you will feel confident and steadfast in your motivation to achieve your goals.  It happens now, because it is time.

You have worked so hard, sacrificed so much of yourself.  Allow yourself to take a moment, to turn around and see how far you've traveled, and feel proud.  I bet you didn't even realize you've come so far!  

It was a pretty rough 2018 for many.  Countless folks found themselves in situations where they were losing everything.  Things that felt so permanent (partners, jobs, possessions) were falling away, crumbling into dust, and disappearing into the wind.  Maybe you felt like you lost it all.  In reality, the opposite couldn't be more true.  You were given the strongest version of yourself.  Because you're here.  You made it.  2018 didn't kill you, and neither will 2019.  Failure is not your path.

You are here, alive on this planet, in this moment, for a very real and specific purpose.  You did not incarnate here to suffer, no one did.  Our collective reason for existing is not to cause war, murder, famine, rape, bigotry, etc.  That's not our true nature.  Harmony, cooperation, understanding, love... these are innately within us.  It is time to return to our true nature, and write the story we desire to live.

2019 is a pathway leading us to our highest potential.  We all have gifts for this world, and the world would not be what it is without you...  Let that sink in... This world is a better place simply because you exist in it.  No one can do what you do, think what you do, say what you do, believe what you do, like you.  You are unique, talented, and wonderful.  There will NEVER be another you.  Ever.  

So why not embrace all you are and have to offer the world?  This is the year to allow the light of your authentic self to shine through.  Allow the pain from every year prior to melt away.  Breathe it out.  It no longer serves you.  Allow yourself to feel excitement about what you KNOW you can bring to this world:  You.

So shine, sweetheart!  Don't deny the world the light that is you!  Step into 2019 with confidence.  Listen to that greater part of yourself that KNOWS you got this!!  Because you do.  And remember... the challenges we face exist to develop us, to push us to our greatest potential, not to tear us down.  You will NEVER face a challenge you cannot overcome.  Otherwise, you wouldn't experience it in the first place!

Smile at the humor in it all, and know All is Well in your world.  Then, get ready for the Best Year Yet!! 😀

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