Mar. 7, 2019

It's Not You

Sometimes the people in our lives act quite harshly towards us, leaving us to wonder what we did wrong.  It's easy to let the whirlwind of emotions scoop you up & take you to painful places.  It's easy to end up in this thought process when you're at the brunt of someone's misguided abuse.   

It's important that in the moment, you recognize what is happening.  Become the Observer.  Notice how it feels in your body to be bombarded with such negativity.  It doesn't feel great, witness that, but do not attach to it.  Ask yourself what this person's experience was that caused them to act so harshly.  What meaning did they give that experience, and how are they projecting that on to you?  

Truthfully, we're all victims of victims at some point in our lives.  And when we are conditioned by society, our parents, or childhood trauma, that negative energy gets stuck in our system.  Being unconscious to it, we project that pain onto others, not even realizing that we've become the abuser.

So often we are stuck in fear, and act out of fear, and have forgotten that that's not the way.  That is our unfortunate programming.  In every moment, in every thought, word, and action, we have the choice to act from a place of love or fear.

Since 9/11/01, our society has shifted to living/acting from a place of fear and paranoia, seeing everyone and everything as separate and a threat to be quashed preemptively.  You can see how this ideology has tainted our world through the headlines and global devastation all around.  This is not the way.  This is not our true nature.

So you when you encounter someone spewing vitriol, recognize that it comes from an experience directly or in-directly where they learned this was the only way to be safe.  Have compassion for the soul that is screaming inside to be seen, heard, witnessed, accepted, and loved unconditionally.  Recognize this need in yourself, and how we all share this need.  We all are truly in this together, and when you choose to act from a place of love and compassion, not only are you healing the world, you are giving permission to others to do the same. ❤

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