Apr. 8, 2019

Letting Go

We've all faced situations where the outcome wasn't what we expected, which might have been very painful to process.  Perhaps we realized that what we wanted wasn't for us.  Or maybe we've been beating ourselves up over what we "should have" or "should not have" done. 

Many times in our life, we will come to a crossroads where we realize we need to let go of expectations.  Maybe it hurts to think we couldn't change the outcome and are still holding on to the hope that things will be different.  Sometimes these attachments keep us frozen in pain because ultimately that path wasn't in our highest and greatest good.  Sometimes, we have to learn to let go...

Understand that letting go isn't an admission of failure.  When one door closes another one always opens.  This is the way of the Universe.  Holding ourselves in a space of desperately wanting something that wasn't meant for us only limits us from being open and receptive to all the good and abundance that is rightfully ours.  Sometimes clearing the path and making space is what we need to do.

Grieving is a necessary part of the process.  Know that you are justified in your feelings.  Experience your emotions, let them flow, allow the energy to move.  You have every right to feel the way you do.  It was a traumatic realization and you owe it to yourself to allow the tears to flow, to cleanse, and wash away your pain.  Understand the ebb and flow of life, that this is not an ending, but a beginning, because now you can let go of the limited thoughts and beliefs that held you prisoner.  

You deserve to be free from that pain, you've been through enough.  Allow it fall away.  Allow the release.  Relax into your deep breathing.  Feel the warmth growing in your belly and radiating throughout your body.  Know you are loved.  Know you are safe.  Know the Universe has your back.  Know you are worthy.  Know you are a gift.  Know you deserve only the best life has to offer.  Open yourself to the possibility that there's something even better waiting for you.  

When we do this, we are not only forgiving the person or situation that disappointed us, we are forgiving ourselves.  We can release the self-deprecation and stop the self-inflicted punishment.  We can open our hearts and minds and show ourselves the love we are seeking.  In so doing, we are signalling to the Universe that THIS is what we truly desire.  Then, it can't not bring it to us. ❤

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