May. 6, 2019

The Science Behind Energy Healing

I will be giving a talk on this subject at the May 18th Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair at Unity of Portland at 3:45pm, but here's a sneak peek...

In order to understand Energy Healing, you must first understand how energy works.

Everything is energy.  We are made of energy and connected by fields of energy.  Quantum physics has shown us this.  Biology has shown us that every cell has an electromagnetic field (EMF), every molecule that makes up a cell has an EMF, every one of our organs has an EMF, every person's body has an EMF that extends about 5 meters outward.  On a larger scale, the planets have EMFs, stars have EMFs, everything has a field, from micro- to macro-, and our fields are constantly in contact with one another.

Energy is unseen (by most), but it creates matter, not the other way around.  Your external reality is configured based on your electromagnetic field which is formulated from a biological reaction inside your body, created by your thoughts.  In other words, every thought in your mind and feeling in your heart is triggering a gene expression, which triggers a protein synthesis in your cells, which produces an electrical and magnetic field.  These fields can be measured by EEG and MRI machines.  You are literally molding the quantum soup that surrounds you based on your thoughts & feelings.  One would caution you to be aware of what energy you're sending out into the Universe!  Based on the universal law of mirroring, our external reality is a reflection of our internal state.  So it is prudent to understand just how powerful you are, and to be aware of what you're putting out, as you will receive it back.

Imagine we are all in an invisible ocean.  Every thought, word, and action sends ripples out from us, bumping into everyone else, who have a reaction and send their own ripples outward.  We are all connected by this invisible field, and we all have an effect on each other.  It is fair to say someone having a bad day in China is affecting you where you are right now.  This is why we should concern ourselves with the well-being of others, but that's an entirely different subject for another day...

That is the science behind energy.  Now, as far as healing is concerned, I will discuss Reiki, given my training as a Reiki Master and that I work with this energy for my hands-on healing.  So what exactly is happening there?  First off, I am interacting with the client's field and channeling Reiki energy.  When I gently lay my hands on a client, I am using the energy to increase blood flow to that area, to oxygenate the cells, and most importantly, to induce a Parasympathetic Nervous System response.  This is the body's Rest & Restore state, which is imperative for post-injury, post-illness, and post-surgery so that the body may heal itself.

Energy healing is innately understood by each of us.  For example, when you have a headache, what do you immediately do (besides grab some Tylenol)?  You place your head in your hands.  When you have a stomach ache, what you instinctively do?  You place your hands on your tummy.  What about when you stub your toe?  If you're me, you sit down and go "ow ow ow" while grabbing your toe and holding it until it feels better.  You are energy healing yourself in these moments.  It's what humans have done for thousands of years, because it works.  And moreover, it is scientifically-based.

So the next time you hear someone downplay the validity of Energy Healing, you'll have a greater understanding of what it is and can hopefully help educate them.  We all have this ability to help ourselves & others feel better, so why not use it?

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