Sep. 1, 2019

The Only Thing That Matters... (it's not what you think!)

We get caught up in our busy lives, in a busy world, constantly going and doing.  We have rent to pay, medical bills, and we may have little ones that depend on us.  It's easy to get swept up in the frenzy of just trying to survive in this world.  It's easy to forget what really matters... not that keeping a roof over your head doesn't matter, of course...

This summer I was gifting Reiki sessions to a lady in my building.  Her cancer was terminal, and she was too tired to keep fighting.  We knew she wouldn't be with us much longer.  Our weekly sessions became twice weekly, then every other day.  My intention was to do what I could to bring her peace.

I arrived for what ended up being our last Reiki session only minutes after she made her transition.  I knew as soon as her daughter opened the door, in tears.  I immediately went to her body and gently placed my hands on her.  The Reiki continued to flow to her, through her vessel, for hours afterward.  It was an honor to be with her at the end of her life and support her journey home.

In the following weeks, I walked around in a daze.  Everything I had been so stressed about in the prior months didn't seem to matter anymore.  Relational issues, financial issues, none of that mattered.  I realized all the bickering, all the squabbling, all the distractions that we dance with everyday... none of it truly matters.

The only thing that truly matters was the light in her eyes.  Which is the light in your eyes, and the light in my eyes.  This light that animates us, that is in everything, that IS everything... this light is life.  Life is so fragile, so thin, so precious; we can easily leave this earth at any moment.  We close our eyes, exhale, and we are gone.  Just like that.

I realized I could no longer wait to say what's in my heart.  I started telling everyone how much I loved them...  Thus, my request to you:  Please, do not feel sheepish or wait for the right time to speak from your heart.  Life is too short.  It only takes a moment to breathe your last breath.  Please, do not wait to tell a loved one that you love them...

...and do not wait to shine in all your glory.  Please realize the gift you are, and why you're here.  Do not hold back your light.  You came here to shine, my dear, so shine your light as only you can.  Please know you are here to bring your unique gifts into this world, to love, and to heal; not to be stressed, fearful, or angry. 

Take a deep breath and feel gratitude for waking up today.  Feel excitement about how you will change the world today.  Love with all your heart, and never deny the world the light that is you. ❤

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