Dec. 1, 2019

The End of a Decade

Congratulations!  You made it to the end of 2019!  Allow yourself to take a look back from 2010 until now and be proud of your journey... you've come so far!  No doubt the last decade has been quite memorable -  filled with beauty, challenges, and lots of personal growth.  The important thing is that you made it to this point, wiser and stronger from your experiences. 

Perhaps you're not ready to let go of this decade, still chasing a dream that wasn't meant to be.  Perhaps you never received closure or are still tortured by something that didn't go the way you'd planned.  This can be quite painful.  It's our attachment to an outcome that never developed that is the source of our pain.  Breathe deep and understand that everything that happened was for your ultimate benefit and evolution.  Sometimes we can't see that until years later.  However, you deserve to be free from that pain and mental anguish.  You have permission to appreciate the blessings in that situation and give yourself a break because of how it turned out.  You did nothing wrong.  But it is time to put yourself first and not hold yourself hostage to the past anymore.  It is time to release, let go, turn that love inward, nurture yourself, and allow for something better.  That's the least you deserve!

Or perhaps you are ready for this next chapter.  With arms wide open to the blessings in store for you in this new decade.  The beautiful thing is this:  YOU get to decide how your story goes from this moment on.  You have always been the protagonist in this movie called your life.  You are the scriptwriter and director, and you get to call the shots.  Breathe deep and feel that excitement welling up in your belly.  Your dreams are about to come true!  Most importantly, you deserve it.  You really do.  Given all you've been through these past 10 years, a new day, a new life is dawning for you now.  It's all up to you.  You've always had the ability to do great things.  Now you can own it, step into your authentic power, let your light shine, and do the good work your soul came here to do.

Good things are coming down the line.  For EVERYONE.  If you sense that too, you are not alone!  Something amazing is dawning for us all, and my dear, it is time.  My goodness... it is time.

If you need assistance releasing any blockages from the last decade, I invite you to join me at The Unity Center of West Linn on 12/22 from 9:45am-10:30am, as I will be giving the Alternate Sunday Service with a Reiki Journey/Guided Meditation to release old energetic blockages, and make room for all the wonderful things coming your way in 2020! ❤

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