Jan. 8, 2020

A Message for 2020: Let Love Guide You, Not Fear

Happy 2020!  It's the beginning of a new decade, and new chapter in your life!  Do you know why 2020 will be the best year yet?  2020 = Perfect Vision.  The veil is being pulled back and people are waking up with spiritual sight. They are realizing there is more to this story, and many are no longer in alignment with the world they've always known...

There are also some powerful transits this year:  Jupiter is moving into Capricorn, bring forth luck, prosperity, love, and abundance for us all.  Plus Saturn is making it's 30-year return to Aquarius (finally!), bringing about much needed social change in this world.  The last time this happened was in the 1962, then 1991.  If you look back at those times, you'll see how awareness of societal misalignment inspired people to speak truth to power, and it's that time again!

We all know what's happening in the world right now.  I needn't say it and affirm an outcome we don't want.  What's important is the realization of how we got here and what we can do, today, in our own lives to mitigate fear and create a peaceful outcome.

Understand that we've given our power away for a very long time.  We've externalized our power to the point where an elected official can push a button and make us all hostages to a conflict no one wants.  Recognize the system we exist in, and take your power back.  This year people will be realizing more than ever that "business as usual" no longer works for them.  The truth is being revealed in 2020.  People will choose their aligned path and determine their non-negotiables in this new paradigm.  

So what can you do to mitigate fear?  Turn off the TV, close your newsfeed, and change your focus.  Right now, you have to become an architect of your own reality.  You have to take your power back.  You have to stop feeding in to fear, because whatever you feed in to is what you help to create.  Feed in to love instead of feeding in to fear.  Ask yourself:  "What can I do today to bring love & light in to this world?  How may I serve?"  

Energetically, what we focus on grows.  We are literally creating & altering our reality with our thoughts.  What you think matters.  If you are focused on what you do NOT want, you are creating that outcome.  

Instead, do this:  Imagine a peaceful outcome.  What would it feel like in your body to know that conflict has been resolved?  Take a deep breath.  Is it easier to breathe?  Can you imagine people in all countries, outdoors under blue skies, being kind to each other?  Can you perceive what humanity loving & respecting each other looks like?  Or feels like?  Can you imagine a world with no nuclear weapons?  Where machine guns dissolve into dust & blow away?  

If you feel powerless today, you are not.  You are an energetic powerhouse and have more control than you realize.  So choose love over fear.  Let love guide you.   Remember that fear is an illusion.  Love is the only thing that is real.  

Choose love in every moment, in every thought, word, and action.  Recognize its power and let it shine through in all you do.  

Authoritative Compassion is the way out of this darkness, not obsessing over the worst possible outcome.  Feel the presence of peace in your heart, and do not feed in to fear.  Take your power back.  It was always yours to begin with.

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