Jan. 17, 2020

You Are Good, I Promise

In my many moons in practice, I've coached hundreds of clients.  In my observations, I've realized that many believe the lies they were programmed with in childhood.  What I mean is - when we have experiences, especially prior to the age of 7 when our brain is still in the Theta state (where we absorb knowledge like sponges), we learn from those experiences.  We learn things about ourselves and others, and these become our core beliefs.  We carry these core beliefs, unconsciously, into adulthood where it becomes the filter through which we see ourselves and the world. 

Because I do not perceive myself as separate from you or anyone else, it not only breaks my heart to see the pain you're in, as a clairsentient intuitive empath, I literally feel your physical and emotional pain as if it were my own, and want to help shift your perspective, so that you may release this pain and move toward the healing & happiness you deserve.

Those of us who have been abused learn false beliefs from this abuse.  We learn we are a bad boy or girl, that we are worthless, and did not/do not deserve unconditional love.  Otherwise, why would we have experienced such abuse, right?  We take this "truth" to be our own, paint ourselves in a dark color, then own it.  We might as well be holding a sign that says "I'm bad, I don't deserve love".  

As humans, we inherently try to make lemonade, we try to make our bad experiences work for us.  This is why I believe abused children make the best employees; we will do ANYTHING for our boss' acceptance and approval, especially considering how we project the relationship from our primary caregiver (i.e. mom or dad) onto our spouses and bosses.

The truth is you were never bad.  You've ALWAYS been good.  The people that abused you did so because THEY were broken and could not give you what they never knew, and did not have.  You NEVER lost your worth, you've always been worthy.  You are as perfect in this moment as the day you incarnated here.  No one and nothing can ever take that from you.  Life may have shit on you & covered your light, but your light is still there.  No experience can take that from you.  

Through realizing the cause to the effect of your now, you can begin to wipe away that dirt and grime, exposing your magnificence that has always been there.  Realizing that you are NOT your experiences, that they don't define you, allows you to take your power back.  Yes, those experiences molded you into the person you are, because all challenges exist to help us evolve to become our greatest version, but it is not something to carry with you through your life.

Know it is safe and RIGHT to take off that heavy coat.  Drop those bags by the side of the road, and walk into your sunset.  You can be thankful for the lessons those experiences brought you and decide that, as the hero of your own story, you get to write this next chapter.  You GET to start over.  It doesn't matter your age, as time is relative, the only thing that ever mattered is the love in your heart.  

As Buddha once said:  "In the end, only 3 things matter:  How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."

It is safe for you to breathe deep and let go of those experiences.  Remember the light you've always been, and always will be.  Remember you are worthy.  Remember how you deserve unconditional love.  Remember how no one and nothing could EVER take that from you.  You are perfect, my love.  It is safe for you to be you.  ❤

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