Feb. 2, 2020

Whatever is Meant For You Will be Yours

It's February already, so Valentine's Day will soon be upon us!  There have been murmurs in the metaphysical community that 2020 is the year Twin Flames and Soulmates will unite.  If this hasn't been the case for you yet, do not worry.  Last February I did a post about the importance of loving yourself and self-care.  I encourage you to scroll back through time and check it out; it's as pertinent today as it was a year ago. 

Many of us single folk may not feel so great on this day, as it magnifies what we don't have, or at least what we're taught we "should" have.  Understand there is much profit to be made on this day, so please take that into consideration before getting down on yourself after seeing images of flowers, chocolates, and loving couples.

You have a right to feel the way you do, especially if you're missing someone.  Perhaps things didn't work out the way you wanted, perhaps you're still waiting for someone to come back, or you're grieving the loss of a spouse or significant other.  Understand your feelings are valid and they matter; so do you.  Give yourself permission to feel whatever comes up, but don't allow yourself to take up permanent residency in these feelings; allow the tears to fall, witness your feelings, and let them pass.  You don't deserve to be in prolonged pain; you deserve better than that.

Know that regardless of what happened, there are no accidents or coincidences in this world.  Everything is happening the way it's supposed to for your highest and greatest good, even if it defies logic and makes no sense in the moment.  It's hard to see outside of the fire when you're in the middle of it, but trust that it gets better, and this is only temporary.

Take solace in knowing that Whatever is Meant For You Will be Yours.  People come in and out of our lives for specific reasons:  to teach us something, to help us level up and evolve to become better people.  This is the purpose of all challenges in life.  Understand there is a lot happening behind the scenes that we cannot see, but know it's all working out.  Trust that Whatever is Meant For You Will be Yours.  In that way, you needn't worry.  You can take a deep breath and let go of expectation.

Our pain often stems from having an expectation of someone or something, and then it not happening.  The degree of our pain is equal to the degree of our attachment to an outcome.  Release attachment and expectation, and your pain will also be released.  Trust things are in Divine and Perfect Order.  The Universe has your back, always.  

So find the one you are looking for within yourself.  Know you are worthy of your own love.  Give yourself a break.  Breathe deep and relax.  Have a reiki session!  Take yourself out for a nice meal.  Go for a walk through nature.  Take an epsom salt bath with lavendar and lepidolite.  Look yourself in the mirror and say "I love you, sweetheart!".  Allow a smile to grace your face from a deep, internal knowing that Whatever is Meant For You Will be Yours.

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