Mar. 15, 2020

You're Here For a Reason

A common theme for my clients, as of late, is the lack of purpose and motivation to continue.  I'd like to share with you what I shared with them, as this advice is Universal.  If you are reading this post, then chances are this message was meant for you too...

The things we experience in this life, the trials and challenges, can sometimes feel like enough to completely sink our ship.  Yet, before we got here, we chose the path we would end up on, because with our lifetimes of knowledge and capability built-in to our DNA, we knew we could overcome it.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have chosen these lessons to expand our consciousness.  We forget, when we opt back in to this existence, all we've been through, and all the skills we have ingrained in us.  This harsh, dense 3rd dimensional reality is real enough to make us want to opt out, or at least give up, not seeing what the point is in continuing; and that is understandable.  That is the challenge of this world.  If you can remember your higher-self perspective and decide to hop to another mountain top for that shift in view and perspective, it may help to remember that this is all just an illusion, and the authentic awesomeness of the power that is you is unwavering and eternal.  It is not by accident that you're here.  There will never ever ever ever be another <insert your name here> incarnated in this world.  You are uniquely talented and gifted, and you have many gifts to offer this world, even if no one recognizes it yet because you are ahead of your time.  Heck, we didn't appreciate what Nikola Tesla brought to this world until MANY years after his death - this is the case with angels and geniuses.  Just know the world is a better place because you're in it; you have gifts to offer no one else does.  You knew you could overcome anything that was thrown at you this time around, otherwise you wouldn't have signed up for this experience.  You are amazing and are here for a reason.  Please never forget that. ❤️  

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