Apr. 20, 2020

Loving What Is: How to Navigate your Quarantine Healing

One of silver linings to this quarantine is that people have been given the opportunity to do some deep inner work.  

When everything comes to a grinding halt, and we're left with only our thoughts, the things we tried to bury years ago (or drink/smoke/eat/shop away now) will resurface to be worked out.  It's begging for your time and attention, and now it has it.

When I was in recovery from my TBI 4 years ago (and couldn't work or leave my apartment), I was left with only my thoughts, and holy sh*t, did they surface.  Things I thought I was over reintroduced themselves, and I was forced to take a deeper look.

Know that whatever comes up may not be pleasant, and it may not feel good.  After all, you wouldn't be ignoring it if it was easy to deal with.  It might be the last thing you want to look at, because of how it makes you feel.  Maybe you realize how you've treated people poorly in the past, who did nothing to you.  Maybe you realize how you've always acted a certain way that you feel ashamed about now.  Maybe you realize you've always carried a belief about yourself or others, and see how hurtful that was now.

Healing is not for the faint of heart, but the courageous ones who walk this path are always rewarded by a deeper, meaningful understanding of life, themselves, and others.  

When thoughts arise, witness them.  Acknowledge them.  Don't hide from them.  Look into their eyes say, "I am here with you, I am present, and I witness you".  Take a deep breath, and release them.  Sound easier than it is?  If I may share some guidance I've learned along my journey:

Love What Is.  

Whatever behavior or aspect of yourself you're ashamed of, show it unconditional love & compassion.  Whatever trauma you've endured, identify that aspect of yourself that is still in pain and show it unconditional love & compassion.  Whatever you "hate" or "hide" from within yourself, identify it, pretend it is a 4-year-old version of yourself, and hug that child.  Love that child like you never were.

Truthfully, when we are traumatized and dissociate, we leave a part of ourselves behind in that trauma.  This is why Shamans do Soul Retrievals.  There are 4-year-old versions of ourselves still alive and well, stuck in the past.  We know this because when we are triggered by old pain, this is the version that shows up to wreak havoc, or cry a million rivers.

The Most Potent Healing Advice:  Show Unconditional Love & Compassion to Your Inner Child.

The biggest sickness to humanity is not covid, it's separation.  Separation from that greater part of us all, that connects us all.  Separation from the source within, from the source of all.  When we feel separate from others, forgetting we are all ONE, we are disconnected, and we hurt each other.  Separation stems from feelings of unworthiness, that we inherently don't deserve love.  These feelings of unworthiness are cultivated in childhood, usually subconsciously.  By loving your inner child unconditionally, fearlessly, and with compassion, we heal that wound, and we heal separation.

It all starts with us.  No one can do the healing work for us.  When we look at the aspects of ourselves we were taught to disown decades ago by people who didn't know how to love themselves, and we learn to reintegrate those aspects of ourselves by showing ourselves unconditional love (loving the good and "bad" parts of us, equally), something magical happens:  We start to heal.  

When our feelings of unworthiness are healed, separation naturally heals too.  We realize that we are worthy of kindness, love, and compassion.  We don't accept any less, and we don't treat others any less.  We understand that what happens to you directly affects me.  Because when separation is healed, we understand that you ARE me, and therefore I have nothing LESS than unconditional love for you too.

Sounds like a world full of warriors.  Unafraid to love the good and the "bad" within themselves, healing all layers, naturally raising their vibration, and radiating love outward, which "infects" others with this healing vibration, as energy is contagious.  What a world, right?  Where the natural flow is to be fully secure in your personhood because you honor & accept all aspects of yourself, which serves as an example to others.  And as you love & accept yourself and others fearlessly, it gives others permission to do the same.  In the same way a virus can spread & infect, so too can love.

Let's all visualize coming out of quarantine to a world where we've done the work to heal ourselves, evolve & level-up, and be ready to make this world a better place.  And as we do, it becomes so.  And so it is. ❤️

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