Apr. 22, 2020


We can never find our worth by looking to other people.  Seeking external validation is an indication we have lost ourselves.  No one can give us anything to make us any better than who we naturally are.  Each of us is perfect as is.   

We never lost our worth, regardless of our experiences.  It is a fool's errand to pretend others hold the key to our happiness or self-esteem.  Your material possessions, job title, and money are meaningless.  Dependence upon these surface-level appearances to showcase your worthiness only showcases how little value you believe to have.  What lies in your heart is your true value.

Embrace your inherent worthiness.  You are an extension of Source energy.  You have the power to create worlds flowing through you in this moment.  You never needed anything else.  The power was within you all along.  Believing your conditioning that you have to fit a certain role, or achieve certain goals (as determined by those who came before you), only negates your authentic originality.  There will never be another like you, ever.  It is disparaging to yourself to try to be anyone else, or to live up to someone else's expectations.

Our fulfillment can never be found externally.  There is no elusive "jar of happiness" out there.  Happiness is the byproduct of the choice you make to recognize your inherent awesomeness, and live fearlessly.  You never had to be anything else; not to your parents, not to your employer.  Whose life are you living anyway?  

Trust that when you choose to be yourself, by loving and accepting all aspects of self, and live courageously in the radiance that is you, life will unfold in magnificent ways.  It is like discovering the formula.  The equation was simple all along, we only made it difficult.  All you ever had to do was be you.  And lovingly accept yourself.  Then all your dreams came true.  ❤️

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