Apr. 26, 2020


During this time of global transition, loss and grief abound.  The collective is grieving the loss of what was.  Things will never be as they were, so we release the past and move forward.  Perhaps the loss was necessary to evolve our beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and ways of being that no longer served us or our planet. 

Loss and grief is unique to the individual.  Perhaps you lost a loved one, your job, a relationship, your home or business.  If this is the case, my heart is with yours.  When things fall away, it leaves a void to be filled.

Before we can fill that void in a healthy manner, it is imperative that we process the loss.  I'd like to share an exercise I've learned along my journey to shift focus to growth vs. ruminating over the past.

Loss is a challenge.  With any challenge, it is a gift in disguise to evolve us to become our greatest version.  First off, honor your feelings.  Whatever emotions come up, allow them to surface.  Do not hide from them, do not distract yourself.  Allow yourself to lovingly witness them.  Then ask yourself:

What am I to learn from this?  What did this situation teach me?

Make a list of the lessons your learned from this situation.  There are lessons and blessings in everything.  Identifying them will aid in your growth and allow you to shift your focus away from pain.

Here are some examples of lessons learned from the loss of a relationship:

1). I must love, honor, and respect myself first.

2). It is no one's responsibility to make me happy, and I am not responsible for anyone else's happiness.

3). I shall not attach myself to outcomes or expectations.

Write out as many as you can.  Then ask yourself:

What am I grateful for?

Make a gratitude list from what you learned in this situation, and develop a sense of gratitude for the lessons/blessings in the challenges we experience.  

Here are some examples of what to be grateful for in the lessons/loss of a relationship:

1). Learning how to love, honor, and respect myself first.

2). Recognizing my unhealthy patterns and how I forsake myself.

3). Learning to release control, and to respect the path of others.

There is an ebb & flow to life.  Things can neither be always good or always bad.  We set out to experience the entire spectrum in this life, and our experiences serve to teach us important lessons.  Being grateful and honoring your growth shifts your perspective away from pain. ❤️

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