Jul. 10, 2020

Happy Birthday, Cancers!

Cancers, I love you.  I'm biased, I'll admit it.  I love how deeply we love.  To anyone dating a Cancer, you know exactly what I mean.  As the most nurturing sign of the Zodiac, we always put the needs of others first.  Sometimes to our detriment, this is true. 

We are also the most emotional sign of the Zodiac.  Fun fact: Aquarius is the least emotional (don't act like you don't know this, Aquarians 😉).  We often get pegged as moody by those lacking in the emotional intelligence department.  In reality, we're just able to experience a wide range of emotions.  But it's good, we'll take it.  Emotions are our strength, not weakness.  And I love how deeply we feel.  It adds a richness to life's experiences that some will never understand.

And it's summertime, my loves!  We're in Cancer season.  Whether you're a June Cancerbaby, or July (like me!), let's pledge to make this the best month yet.  If you've had a lot of negative experiences around your birthday (like me!) or will be spending it alone this year, I'm right there with you - may we enjoy our own company & do something that nourishes our soul! ❤️

As a reminder, self-care is imperative at this wonky, low-vibrational time in our human history.  Being as extraordinarily sensitive as we are, not only do we have permission to, but it is our DUTY to up our self-care at this time.  It's not selfish or narcissistic, it's necessary.  If your goal is to take care of others (don't lie, Cancers, it's in our blood), then filling your own cup first is a must to achieve that goal.

So now it's our turn!  To all the Cancers out there, I love and adore you.  May we go within and love ourselves the way we would desire others to.   As the most feminine sign of the Zodiac (fun fact: Leos are the most masculine), let us sing, dance, gently sway our hips, and caress our soft skin as we set intentions, release old energy, and nurture ourselves.  May we own our femininity and show ourselves the love we constantly give others.  Happy Birthday, my loves! ❤️

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