Jul. 14, 2020

You Are Stronger Than Fear

In my conversations with you, I feel what you're going through.  Your fear is palpable.  We have entered a phase in our human history where the fear and anger we feel toward each other is lowering our vibration, and negatively affecting us all.  Don't believe we're not better than that.  The history of Life has always been challenging, but don't think for a moment it has to be this way.  We are better than this. 

Each of us has a treasure within, a light that guides us all, even in our darkest times.  Connecting to this internal guiding light will aid in your dissolution of fear.  Know that fear is an illusion.  A method of control.  We allow it to dictate our reality because we've forgotten who we are, and what we're capable of.  Don't take things at face value or believe everything you hear, don't look outside yourself for answers or crumbs of hope.  Don't forsake your integrity.  You are better than that.

When we watch the news, listen to podcasts, surround ourselves with fearful people, believe what we're told without respecting ourselves enough to apply critical thought, we are allowing ourselves to be taken away.  We are acquiescing and relinquishing our power.  We are better than that.

Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and feel is energy.  Ingesting the fear we're blasted with on a daily basis is negatively affecting us, specifically our health.

Dr. Masuro Emoto is a Japanese scientist whose bestselling book, "The Hidden Messages of Water", shows through scientific study how thoughts and vibration (i.e. energy) has an effect on the molecular structure of water.  We are 70% water.  Our energy is affected by everything we see & hear.  

If you are watching or listening to something that is causing a stress response in your body - if your heart is racing, your stomach is in knots, your body is clenched and constricted - you are hurting yourself.  This "Fight or Flight" stress response in your body, or sympathetic nervous system response, is causing the release of Adrenaline and Cortisol.  When these stress hormones are released into your system, it suppresses your immune response.  

Adrenaline and Cortisol compromises your immunity.  Organ transplant recipients are administered these powerful stress hormones prior to surgery so that the body's immune response is suppressed to the point it will not reject the new "foreign object".    

We are willingly ingesting fear energy which catalyzes this biological response in our body.  It is our personal responsibility to take care of our own experience.  No one can do it for us.  It is no one else's responsibility.  You are empowered to make healthy choices for yourself.  It begins with you.  

Instead of allowing yourself to be controlled by someone else's narrative, make the healthy choice to listen to your intuition.  Turn off the tv and go into nature.  Breathe deep, meditate, and connect with the healing power of all that surrounds you, all that is part of you, all that is you.  Ask yourself how you can redirect your focus to create an environment conducive to healing for yourself and loved ones.

The power lies within you.  It always has.  Allow this current human experience to be an impetus of your awakening.  Life is beckoning you to see with renewed eyes and clear vision.  This is your opportunity.  There is nothing to fear, because there is nothing bigger than you, or outside of you.  Separation is a convincing illusion, but not the Truth.  Remember who you are and why you're here.  Your power comes from within, and nothing can ever take that away.  

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