Jul. 24, 2020

Worshiping Idols

One of the reasons for our immeasurable fear is looking outside ourselves to those in positions of power whom we feel are "better" than us.  One only has to look at how we worship celebrities.  We assume because of their accomplishments, their possessions, their title, their bank account, they are inherently better than us, and deserving of our idolization. 

Unfortunately, when we idolize others (especially for reasons based in materialism vs. character), it robs us of our personal power.  We compare ourselves, and comparison is the thief of joy.  We think "Oh, I can never be like that, I'm not good enough", and we don't view ourselves as equals to our fellow human.

By seeking outside yourself, you disconnect from your inherent power within.  Fear is a natural byproduct of thinking this way.  

The truth is no one is better or worse than you.  It doesn't matter that Bill Gates is a billionaire, it doesn't make him smarter than you.  It doesn't matter that your elected politician is in office, they rarely have your best interest in mind.  Giving a God-like status to and worshipping others dishonors, disrespects, and degrades your self-worth.

From this low place, it is natural to feel fear because you think you are helpless, a victim, and need some authority greater than you to tell you how to think, how to feel, what to do, how to be, etc.  We look to celebrities, corporations, church and government to understand these things.  This robs us of our identity and power as an individual.  And this begets fear.

Recognize the cause and effect.  Remember you have ultimate control over your life.  No one can force you to do anything.  Check in with yourself and ask yourself if you agree, and how you feel about it.  Stop looking outside yourself to escape yourself.  There is nothing wrong with you.  There never was.  You are already perfect and do not need "fixing".  You don't need to negate yourself through hero worship.

This is not the same as mentorship, or a quality of character that inspires you to do good in the world, as this energy strengthens your Light within and comes from a good place.  Putting those in positions of power, or who have more material possessions than you, on a pedestal and worshipping them as Gods is a completely different energy, and has led to the downfall of civilizations since time immemorial.  

See how you may be falling into this trap and catch yourself.  You're stronger than you realize, you're more worthy than you realize, and you don't ever need to give your power away.  You are enough.

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