Jul. 26, 2020

"United Against" (?)

Many people are uniting together against oppressive forces.  The term "resistance" gets thrown around.   

Whenever we "unite" together "against" a common enemy, we are still in

Separation.  We have activated the same energy we rail against, only from the other side.  We are still being pitted against each other, divided & conquered, and we are reacting this way out of fear.

We cannot allow fear to control us.  We cannot simply react.  We need to critically think about our response.  See how fear is driving you to "unite" "against", which is an oxymoron.  If you are against something, you cannot be wholly united.  We cannot match low vibrational, toxic energy with the same energy, only from a "righteous" place.  You cannot fight fire with fire.

To transmute the ugliness we are witnessing in the world today is to NOT respond in kind.  "An eye for an eye" will get us nowhere except to repeat the same patterns that keep us all prisoner in this toxic soup.

Give yourself permission to take a step back and see how you might be adding fuel to the fire of the problem you're trying to resolve.  

A higher level of consciousness is needed to resolve humanity's current conflict.  We won't get anywhere doing the same thing, but from the other side.  Separation is the core of the issue, and is what needs resolution.  Responding "against" something just keeps you in that energy, it doesn't resolve anything.

As ugly as people are acting right now, we need to take them in AS ourselves.  We are all One.  When any part of us is hurting & acting out, it needs to be healed, not beaten.  Think of it this way.... each of us is like a cell in a human body.  When we fight each other, and don't work together, we become cancerous to the body.  The only way to heal the overall health of the body, is to unite wholly, not be divisive by "uniting against".

See how you might be escalating the situation, even if your intentions are pure.  There's a better way.  And we already possess the tools we need to heal the misalignment of humanity at this crucial point in our history.  Let's take our power back & do things differently.  If for no other reason that the continuation of Life on Earth... it's kind of imporant. 👍

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