Aug. 9, 2020

A Simple Magic Trick

Like, actual magic?  Magic is just an illusion, right?  If our external reality is just an illusion, is this all magic?  What's the difference between magical thinking and miraculous thinking?  Your intention. 

Energy healing works by intention and feeling.  When your heart and mind combine forces through focused intention, will, and you allow yourself to be fully engrossed in your emotions, feeling the elation as though what you are intending is already here, you can experience magic or even miracles.

Are metaphysical principles magic?  No.  But they are formulaic, and once you understand the equations, you have the building blocks to create whatever reality you choose for yourself.

The beautiful thing to understand is that we cannot control what other people do to us.  Our power is in how we choose to respond.  We get to be true alchemists when we understand our power and choose not to give it away by having an involuntary emotional reaction.  We are all responsible for our own energy and what we put into the Universe, as this comes right back to us.  It is true, however, that our external reality is often a mirror to our internal state.  And while everyone has free will and we cannot control the actions of others, we get to choose whether or not we give them power over us.

We have given our power away for thousands of years.  It's ingrained in us, it's been conditioned into us to feel powerless, and to seek guidance externally.  We've been programmed to look to our church, government, politicians and corporations to be told how to think, how to feel, what to do, how to be, etc.  As long as we march in lockstep to some inevitable slaughterhouse, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Which is why NOW is the time to take our power back.  We have been given an opportunity to view everything differently.  To ask ourselves:  Does this work for me?  Am I happy with this?  Do I agree with this?  Just because it's always been this way, does it always need to be?  What new path can I see for myself and for the world?

Just by asking those questions, you are concocting images in your mind, and they start to take shape; you can see a new possibility.  Once you see it in your mind's eye, you are making magic.  Once you see it, you can be it.  Everything you see in your world (this table, these shoes) all started as a thought in someone's mind.  You are creating your future based on your thoughts in this moment.  Only YOU get to decide what you think, and therefore create.

So what would you like to create today? 🙂

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