Sep. 23, 2020

Aquarian Analysis Paralysis

When four back-to-back Aquarians come to me with the same issue, I take it as a sign to share this advice with all Aquarians (that might be you!). 

Aquas, God love you, what a fun-loving bunch y'all are.  Though you get pegged for being emotionally distant and cold, it's only because you're stuck in your head... processing, and processing, and processing... 

Being an intellectual sign, you often get stuck in analysis paralysis.  You go over a problem in circles and usually end up right back where you started.  If only you trusted yourself from the start, you could have saved some time & energy.

When we become our own obstacle, and logically know what we need to do (yet find ourselves frozen to move), we have separated from ourselves.  Pain naturally results from being out of alignment with your Authentic Self.  Whether or not you're an Aquarius, it's important to understand the catalyst of this paralysis:

1).  When we don't trust our intuition (the Universe speaking to us), we don't trust ourselves, or decision-making, and lack confidence to move forward.

2).  When we cannot move forward, it is often due to subconscious feelings of unworthiness.

These are tied together.  Buried feelings of unworthiness, or the subconscious belief you don't deserve a good outcome, may be why you lack trust in yourself.

#1 - All the answers you've ever sought are within you now.  You already know the answer.  Chances are, it was your initial response.  Because Spirit speaks to you through your intuition, it is safe to trust it, because it will NEVER lead you astray. 

(Your Ego, on the otherhand, WILL lead you astray by telling you you're not good enough, etc.  Don't listen to it.  It's a distraction and not based in reality.  Stay tuned for my blogpost "Distinguishing Ego vs. Intuition".)

#2 - You.  Are.  Perfect.  You are worthy and deserving of ALL the good & abundance in the Universe.  You're as perfect in this moment as the moment you got here, and no one and nothing can EVER take that away from you.  You believe otherwise due to your conditioning.  Truthfully, you are already worthy, loveable, and perfect.  At least in my eyes. ❤️

And how amazing that this beautiful, omniscience is part of who we are, and can be called upon at any time?  Simply disconnect from the noise, go within in silence, ask the question, and listen for the answer.  As humans, we've forgotten we have this ability.  We've forgotten the magic that lies within.

To my lovely, humanitarian Aquarians, water bearers and givers of life.... bless you.  Trust your Light and let your unique, Authentic Self shine through!  The gifts you have for this world are too spectacular to keep hidden.  Trust yourself.  You've got this.  You're doing a great job, sweetheart!  You always were. ❤️

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