Oct. 8, 2020

How to Boost Your Immunity

In today's world, we are told there are 4 things to do to prevent infection and transmission: 

1). Stay Inside

2). Wash Your Hands

3). Wear a Mask

4). Socially Distance

Perhaps there's more we could proactively do?  

If preventing illness is your goal, boosting the immune system is crucial:

1). Nutrition - Food is medicine and the Earth provides.  When we eat to live, instead of live to eat, we ingest healthy (not processed) foods with the needed vitamins and nutrients to boost our immunity and maintain health.  Many doctors & scientists suggest that illness stems from the gut microbiome (which is negatively affected by stress), and changing your diet has the capacity to heal a plethora of health issues in addition to preventing illness.

2). Getting Enough Sleep - Not enough sleep reduces your body's ability to operate efficiently or optimally, making it susceptible to illness.  Lack of sleep can compromise your immunity and negatively impact your health in a number of ways.  It is one of the most easily preventable things we can do to ensure our immunity is strong.  You need your sleep, and that's okay!

3). Movement - When we move our bodies, we move our qi (Life Force Energy).  A healthy flow of qi is experienced during optimal health.  When qi is slowed or stagnant, illness results.  Similar to the way Reiki gets qi flowing, moving your body will too, whether it be dancing, walking, stretching, or anything in between.  When you are stationary, your energy (which flows like water) will become stagnant.  Think of a still body of water, what happens?  Algae grows.  Energetically, the same thing happens.

4). Stress Reduction - Yep, it's a big one.  When we're in a state of fear, we are in "Fight or Flight", which floods our system with stress hormones, adrenaline & cortisol.  These hormones actively suppress our immune response.  The worst thing for your health is to be in a state of fear.  When you reduce stress through methods like Reiki, it creates a parasympathetic nervous system response which allows your body to enter the "Rest & Restore" state.  This is when your body begins to heal and repair itself, boosting your immune response.

There are things we can actively do to take control of our life experience.  We may not be able to control external factors, but we CAN control how we respond.  You have the power to not react with fear, but to be proactive in boosting your immune system. ❤️

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