Oct. 25, 2020

Distinguishing Ego vs. Intuition

"Listen to yourself." 

"Trust yourself."

But how?  When you have conflicting thoughts pulling you in every direction?  How do you distinguish your ego vs. your intuition?  How do you know which path to follow?

1). Your ego will always be the loudest.  It will be harsh.  It won't feel good.  It will say things like "Who you do think you are?", and "You're not good enough for that!", and "What makes you think you can <fill in the blank>?"  

Our ego exists to "keep us safe" by keeping us small.  The ego is based in fear.  Often, these sentiments aren't even our own, but programming from someone else a long, long time ago.  

2). Your intuition is the small, still voice inside.  It speaks sweetly, and softly.  It says things like "You're perfect, sweetheart", and "You can do anything", and "You've got this!"  

When we listen to our intuition, it never leads us astray, as our intuition is Spirit (or the Universe, Source, Consciousness, God, the Tao, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, whatever your name for it is) speaking through you, to you. 

Now that you know the difference, how can you hear your quiet intuition over your loud ego?  

You have to quiet your mind.  This can be done through meditation.  That doesn't necessarily mean sitting in easy pose for 30 minutes.  It can be walking in nature, doing dishes, jogging, chanting, etc.  You can silently focus on your breath.  Or watch the beautiful symphony of rain drops dancing in a puddle, or the ocean waves rolling in.

When you quiet the ego, and become empty, you are able to receive intuitive messages.  It's the space where you ask the question, let go of any attachment to a response, and listen.  Inside all of us is a reservoir of untapped knowledge and guidance.   

All the answers you seek, you already contain.  Have the courage to descend into your heart space and connect with your intuition.  You'll be amazed at what you find... as the treasure was always within you. ❤️

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