Nov. 1, 2020

Relationship with Uncertainty

With the upcoming election, the energy of uncertainty is pervasive...  

So why not make the effort to come into a right relationship with uncertainty?  Though we cannot control externals, we can control our internal state, as our power lies in our response at any given moment.  

Releasing your resistance to "what might be" and flowing in the river of "what is" will drastically reduce your mental anguish.   Cultivate unconditional acceptance.

There is a wisdom, a flow to Life, called the Tao.  When we struggle upstream, we exhaust ourselves.  When we enter a state of allowing and flow in the river of Life, everything falls into place.  

"Allowing" is not complacency.  It is recognizing the frivolousness of struggle and being open to a better option.

It is not your responsibility to control how the world operates.  You are solely responsible for yourself - for what energy you receive, and what energy you put out.

Trust things are unfolding in perfect timing, and everything we experience, good or bad, exists as an opportunity for growth.  Feel gratitude for your own personal evolution which is part of, and benefits, the whole of consciousness.

When we release resistance and flow with Life, we cultivate peace in our hearts, which naturally brings peace into this world.  

A peaceful tomorrow starts today, with you, so allow Love to guide you, not Fear! ❤️

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