Nov. 8, 2020

Post-Election Silver Linings

Here and now, you can experience either Heaven or Hell, depending upon your perspective.  Perspective is everything, and silver linings exist everywhere, so let's find them... 

Regardless of which side you found yourself on, there are things to be grateful for in this election.  I will speak from a neutral standpoint, as I do not identify as Republican or Democrat.  

Blue Team - It looks like your candidate is on his way to the White House and you may breathe a sigh of relief.  When you release your fear, it helps to dissolve the blanket of fear suffocating the world.  So take a deep breath and enjoy your silver lining!  Reflect on the lessons the last 4 years have taught you about yourself.  Cultivate gratitude for what you've learned to help you heal and move forward. 

Red Team - It looks like you were not anticipating this.  There is a perfect order to Life, even if it unfolds in a manner that doesn't make sense in the moment.  Trust that everything will be okay in your world, and know you have permission to be soft with yourself at this time.  And as a silver lining:  There is a sense of empowerment now amongst young females.  As women, we've been repressed for thousands of years, raped, murdered, and treated as subhuman property, only winning our human rights (in America) 100 years or so ago.  Seeing a female VP, and knowing this option exists, allows young girls to feel they too can reach great heights in this world.  And that's a very, very good thing, politics aside.

(Side-Bar Story Time:  It's all about knowing you have the option.  Growing up in a chauvinist household, I was taught girls can't be anything.  I was 10 years old and wanted to play the bass guitar.  Then, after seeing the movie Wayne's World and Tia Carrere's character play the bass, I lost my mind.  I just didn't know that option existed for girls - but there it was!  I felt so empowered, I announced to my family that I would be a bass player.  After struggling to acquire one, I taught myself to play.  I went on to play professionally in my 20s.  I played progressive death metal.  And I was good.  But had I not seen it with my own eyes, I'd never have known that option existed.  And now young girls know greater options exist for them.)

So regardless of where you landed, there are things to be grateful for.  Choosing to focus on that instead of the negative, as well as what unites us vs. divides us, will help us all to move forward. 

Now more than ever, see yourself in others.  Cultivate compassion in your heart for those you may not agree with.  When we're not being taken away from ourselves and pitted against each other, what lies beneath is our true nature:  Love, Compassion, and Understanding.  

So let's get back to our true nature.  Let's take others in as ourselves.  Let's experience the fullness of the Love we are ALL capable of, and do our part to make this world a better place.

Remember... there are no sides to a sphere - we are One. ❤️

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