Jan. 1, 2021

A Message for 2021

With a deep exhale, you have permission to release 2020.  We are grateful for all the lessons and blessings of last year.  We have gained all we need and look forward with optimism to a new year. 

In this coming year, let us reflect on a few things.  Ask yourself honestly:

-What truly matters to me?

-What kind of world do I wish to live in, and how do I create it?

-Who do I want to be in this world, knowing I've evolved beyond who I was?

-How can I bring my gifts into this world to benefit/elevate us all?

As with any chaos, it always leads to creation.  In fact, creation is born from chaos.  Big Bang Theory, anyone? :)  Knowing this, we can see that current events are a catalyst for growth necessitated for humanity's evolution.

Knowing this, we can see when things get torn down, they get re-built.  So let us envision a 2021 of Peace, Love, and Equality.

May 2020 be the year of divisiveness and distraction; may the hate and intolerance lie in the past.  May we see a future with renewed eyes, and renewed possibilities.  May we choose Love over Fear.  May we allow Love to guide all our decisions and allow Love to be the filter through which we see each other.

Just because things were a way in the past, does not mean it has to continue.  In the same way our cells are constantly turning over and our bodies renewed, we too are constantly evolving and learning.  Do we learn through joy or pain?  That is our choice.  

May we choose a better future for us all, by seeing ourselves in one another.  What we do to each other, we do to ourselves.  When we hate each other, we hate ourselves.  Let Love guide us, not Fear.  May we be soft with ourselves and each other.  May we forgive ourselves and each other.  May we release what no longer serves us and look forward in joyful anticipation to a world we create through Love.

May we remember the purpose of Life is to serve Life, and choose to love each other compassionately and unconditionally.  We can either accept people as they are, or not accept ourselves, for there is no separation between any of us.  We are One.  Like cells in a human body, always working together for optimal health, we too are the cells of humanity.  Working together for the highest good of ALL is the imperative.  Fighting each other is cancerous.  

Let us not be cancerous this year, but allow our Love to flow to places it has not yet been.  May we work together for the highest good of ALL Life on Earth.  The choice is ours, and no one can do it for us.  This year, may we all choose Love over Fear. ❤️

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