Feb. 7, 2021

The Light Within


You have a Light within

that no one can take away.

You are born in goodness

that nothing can take away.

We learn throughout life

that we are bad,




We believe the illusion,

and dare not question 

the reflection of our "worth".

We continue down this path

until we feel our Light is gone,

that we deserve the pain.

Only we never lost our Light,

we simply forgot it was always there.

In the same way a cloudy day

hides the sun,

the sun's light 

is always there.

Your Light is WHO you are.

No one can ever take it away.

Remember who you are.

Remember why you're here.

You are Source Light & Love

in motion.

You are here to bestow

your unique gifts

unto the world,

to heal,

to learn,

to Love.


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