Feb. 9, 2021

On Awakening

If you want to believe that what your physical eyes can see is all that's there, then fine, you can.  Stay in that small fraction of perceptual reality if you choose.  But at some point, even if that point is at the point of death, we all know better.  I've seen cynics become mystics on their deathbeds.  We are here as though in a material dream, from which the spiritual nature of our larger reality is calling us to awaken.  The magician, the alchemist, the miracle-worker, is simply someone who has woken up to the material delusions of the world and decided to live another way.  In a world gone mad, we can choose to be sane.  In order to move ourselves, and our civilization, into the next phase of our evolutionary journey, it's time for all of us to awaken. 

~Marianne Williamson

(excerpt from "A Year of Miracles")

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