Apr. 9, 2021

Choose to See Innocence, Not Guilt

The body's eyes can find guilt anywhere.  Only the heart can always see innocence. 

That which I choose to focus on in others, I fortify within myself.  If I see someone as guilty, I will feel guiltier.  If I see them as innocent, I will feel more innocent.  In the words of A Course in Miracles, "An idea doesn't leave its source."  Every time I see anyone, depending on how I choose to think of them, I am deciding what I will see in me. 

May my fear be nullified as I realize that love lies within all of us.  May my ego be quieted by a choir of angels.  Thus I attain my power to work miracles, and my own inner peace.  Only in seeing the beauty in others can I see it within myself.

~Marianne Williamson

(excerpt from "A Year of Miracles")

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