Aug. 10, 2021

No Matter What Happens...

Regardless of what happens in life, we have a secret.   A human secret.  We've had it for thousands of years.  Since time immemorial.  An internal rip chord.  An ability to transcend external pain and descend into the safety and warmth of the heart.

Sounds woo?  Hang on...

This world of illusions is a convincing reality.  There's all the things.  All the reasons to be scared.  All the reasons to be unhappy.  Justified in your thinking?  Perhaps.  But is there peace in your being?  Probably not.

So what will bring peace?

Remembering the truth of Who you are and Why you're here.  You're bigger than what's happening in the world.  You're bigger than what you hear.  You're bigger than what you see.  You have an power innate within you that redirects and connects you to a Source of power you didn't know was within you.

Know you are worthy.  Know you are powerful.  Know being free is your birthright, and did you not come here to suffer.  Our power is in the present moment when we choose actions from love, not fear.  The force that created the stars flows within you now.  There's nothing in this world you cannot do.  

As you stand in the power of your sovereignty, not swayed by external forces, you release the anchor of fear, allowing your spirit to soar.  Breathing deeply, instilling peace in your heart, as your body relaxes, knowing you are safe, knowing it is time, knowing you have everything you need right now. ❤️

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