Oct. 5, 2021

You Have Infinite Potential for Greatness

All of us carry within us an infinite potential for greatness.  Even the geniuses among us have but scratched the surface of what all of us are programmed to achieve, once we manifest our full divine light.  You, like all of humanity, have only just begun to spread your wings. 

You willingly detach yourself from the prejudices and judgments of the world, that you might be lifted above the downward pull of fear-based thought.  You dedicate your life to the evolutionary lure of a higher state of awareness, not only in what you think but also in what you do.  Thus shall you grow more fully today into the manifestation of your God-given potential.

I will not succumb to limited thoughts about myself today.  I know that through God, who lives in me, I am always on my way to something greater than I have known before.  The universe is a universe of constant increase, and I am a child of the universe.

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