Nov. 7, 2021

May I Remember That Every Heart is Fragile

I am always so sensitive to my own fragile heart, while forgetting that others are as fragile as I am.  All of us fear at times, and all of us love.  All of us struggle, and all of us yearn.  All of us hurt at times, and all of us at times hurt others. 

May I be less sensitive to my every emotional cut and bruise, and more sensitive to the pain of others.  May the scope of my compassion extend far beyond myself, and include a deeper consideration for hidden suffering in everyone.  The scars of the heart might be hidden from view, but all of us carry them and all of us desire love.

Dear God,

Please heal my selfish heart

And make me more sensitive

To the pain of others.

May I feel compassion

For all suffering,

Not just my own.

May your heart beat

Through mine.

And so it is.


~excerpt from "A Year of Miracles" by Marianne Williamson

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