Jan. 1, 2022

A Message for 2022

Happy New Year!!!  How amazing you've made it through the last two years.  Enshrouded in an atmosphere of fear, hate, and confusion, you managed to survive, and you are here.  Bless you and your resilience! 

You've allowed the traumas, challenges, and subsequent blessings to transform you.  You are grateful for the grace during this time, but have gained all you needed, and are ready to release the past, in favor of an optimistic view of the future, with your head held high.

With your power taken back, you feel a fire growing in your belly for who you have become, and the Good Work you are here to do in this world.  Remembering you are part of something much greater, that you already possess all you will need in this life, and you are sufficiently equipped to handle anything that comes your way... you allow the shedding of your former self, and with arms wide open, embrace the diamond you've become.

There's nothing in this world you cannot do.  There's nothing that can stop you.  You choose to disconnect from naysayers, and surround yourself those who can reflect your magnificence.

This is the year.  To release the past.  And become the person you were always meant to be.  You are loved.  You are safe.  You've got this. 

So shine, sweetheart! ❤️

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