Feb. 7, 2022

Valentine's Day Self-Care/Stress Relief

What a perfect day to take it easy, and take care of you...

When we spread ourselves so thin taking care of everything & everyone else, we often don't have anything left in our cup.  Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to remind yourself what a badass you are, and to do something special for you!

Here are some things you can do for YOU this Valentine's Day:

1). Take a stroll through nature - Whether it be at your favorite park, or hiking your favorite trail, or spending time watching the waves roll in, feeling that cool ocean breeze... go outside, commune with the beauty of nature, and re-connect.

2). Take a bath -  Epsom salt or bubble bath, whichever you prefer.  I suggest adding some lavendar or ylang-ylang essential oil for extra relaxation.  Feel free to light some candles and play some soft music for the complete experience.

3). Have a Reiki treatment - Start your self-care day off right with a Reiki session to release all the tension and stuck energy that's been weighing you down mentally & physically.  Feeling that yuckiness replaced with renewed energy, you can enjoy this day from a peaceful center, and feel stress-free for days!

4). Take yourself out to dinner - You deserve a nice meal, so why not take yourself on a date?  You'd be surprised how good it feels to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day, settle in to a comfy booth, and enjoy a delicious meal at your own pace, in peace.

5). Take yourself to the theater - When was the last time you had a good laugh, or was engrossed in a good drama, went to the opera, or the symphony?  Positive entertainment can lift your spirits and help you to unwind.  If it's been too long since you did any of these activities, then it's long overdue, and you deserve the break!

6). Be around animals - Whether you hit up a vegan petting zoo, or the humane society, by allowing your energy field to commune with animals, you will instantly raise your vibration and reduce your stress.  In fact, you may not have realized how much you were scowling until that facial tension melts into a smile as you behold the pure light and joy of animals!

7). Take a nap - That's right, you have permission to lay down and snooze!  There's something so luxurious about taking a nap; to decide you deserve a temporary reprieve in your day, and doing it.  Hold your calls, everyone!  You've got some important nap work to do!

Whatever you do this Valentine's Day, be sure to take some time for yourself & relax! ❤️

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