May. 3, 2022

Finding Your Safe Space

The energy in our world has drastically changed over the last two years.  People are running on empty, we see our loved ones developing strange medical illnesses, and the temperature keeps getting turned up.  It might feel like there's no safe place anymore.

If you feel like this, you are definitely not alone.  In my practice, I've witnessed the change in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness since March 2020.  But that doesn't mean we cannot affect change in our lives. 

In fact, we are capable of so much more than we realize:

We can access the safety of our heartspace, and alchemize the energy of fear into the protective energy of Love.

Follow these steps:

1). Turn off the TV, close your laptop, put down your phone, push yourself away from your desk.

2). Close your eyes, and place a hand over your heart.

3). Take one deep, intentional breath to disconnect from the noise of the external world.

4). Take another deep, intentional breath, this time sinking into your heartspace.  Imagine you are on a water slide, dropping into a warm jacuzzi.  As you breathe deeply, allow yourself to bathe in this enveloping warmth.  Feel yourself being held in the arms of this soothing, honey-like energy.  Feel warmth & safety wash over your body as your breathing deepens.  Life is a thousand miles away, and you are safe.  Feel the tension melt away and drip off you like water off a duck's back.

5). Stay here as long as you need to.

6). When you feel ready, take one more deep, intentional breath and bring your awareness up to behind your eyes.

7). As you slowly open your eyes, intend the love you were just bathing in is now seeing through your eyes.  Now go about your day, and behold everything you see through the eyes of Love. ❤️

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