Jun. 1, 2022

How to Quickly Stop Emotional Pain

If your emotional pain (fear, anger, worry, resentment, jealousy) were a block of butter.... do you ever feel like you're frantically looking for a warm knife to cut through it?  Like you're searching for that parachute rip cord when you find yourself plummeting?  Or gasping for air, as you flail in a choppy ocean, trying to grab that lifesaver? 

Good news, Everyone!  You needn't suffer any longer - as I'm about to share a shockingly simple trick that will immediately bring you back to your center.  

It's so simple, in fact, it may seem too good to be true... it's a secret treasure we ALL have the ability to access NOW!

Here's what you do:

In that moment of pain, whether you are filled with white-hot vitriol, or your heart is crumbling into your feet, or you're so riddled with fear you feel your shadow creeping up on you & it's hard to breathe.... 

1). Place your hand over your heart

2). Repeat "I love you, <your name here>" over & over

Within a few seconds, the energy fueling that emotional pain will dissipate, as if magically.

Treat yourself to the warmth & safety of your own love.  Witness in real-time how it dispels the pain, as it quiets your mind, and returns your body to a state of peace.

But as Levar Burton always said, "Don't take my word for it."  So give it a go! ❤️

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