Aug. 1, 2022

How I Choose To See This...

How I choose to see this will determine my degree of pain. 

Life is full of peaks and valleys.  When we find ourselves in a valley, the sun no longer lights our way, and darkness descends upon us.  Perhaps something awful just transpired in your life, a crumbling of what you thought you knew, and it left you decimated.

At this low, low point lies a treasure...  Witnessing the implosion before you, you see 2 or more paths leading out.  You are the observer of your situation and know in your bones the way you choose to perceive the events that occurred will have a direct correlation to the degree of pain you experience.  

Welcome to your point of strength.

From the peak of this mountaintop, it becomes crystal clear:  How I choose to see this will determine my degree of pain.

If I choose to see myself as a victim of circumstance, then I am disempowered.  If I choose to see something as "happening to" me, then I feel helpless.  I must ask myself:  Do I like this feeling?  

Maybe I'm not a victim here.  Maybe life isn't "happening to" me.  Maybe everything that just transpired happened FOR me, only I can't see how that's possible yet.  But when I trust God/Spirit/Creator within me, knowing I'm not alone on this journey, I know things are unfolding for my benefit, and even in this valley, I am not forsaken.

When you realize you have the power to perceive things in a different way, it takes the sting away.  It doesn't feel as sharp or heavy.  You choose to see yourself as someone taking their power back from all people, time, space, and places.  

And then you realize no one has the power or authority to hurt you.  As your own gatekeeper, you GET to choose how you perceive events and you GET to choose your response.  You have successfully taken your power back.  Like a lightning strike, you realize the power was with you all along.  

And with that, you take a deep breath.  You just alchemized a situation from pain to empowerment.  How you CHOOSE to see this will determine your degree of pain, and you are choosing to see this as a necessary experience on your path for your ultimate benefit in becoming who you came here to be.

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