Jan. 3, 2023

A Message for 2023

"2022, I release you.  2023, is all about me!"

2022 is behind us - congratulations on making it through!  Last year was something else, wasn't it?  Whether it was good, bad, or a mixture of both, let us reflect on the lessons and blessings.

What are you grateful for from last year?  What have you learned about yourself?  Who will you be in 2023?  

One thing I've learned last year is to appreciate the present moment.  Only when you realize lightning doesn't strike twice, and that certain experiences were only ever one-time gifts, you can make the choice to be present in the moment with loved ones instead of assuming you're guaranteed a tomorrow - we are not.

So whatever your takeaway is from 2022, bless you on your journey and discovery.  Allow this to mold you into your greatest version for 2023.  Then ask yourself HOW you want to show up this year.  Not what you'll physically do, but how you want to BE.  

Once you have some goals listed, allow yourself 5-10 minutes a day to daydream as if it's already done.  Feel how wonderful it is... that your bank account is constantly increasing... to have freedom to do whatever/whenever you want... to feel the joy and relief of living life as if...  By doing this, it will program your subconscious mind, which is the epicenter of your worldly creation, to magnetize you to this experience.  Try it - it's fun!

You've done an amazing job this year, love!  I know it was hard at times, but it was all happening for your ultimate benefit, and you made it!  You have evolved and can handle more than you give yourself credit for.  So DREAM BIG for 2023.  The world is your oyster! ❤️

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