Feb. 3, 2023

How to Handle a Verbal Attack

When someone attacks us verbally or energetically, we often respond in kind and automatically match that negative energy.  "An eye for an eye", we've been taught.  But this doesn't feel good.  It drags us down to a lower level.  When their attack truly has nothing to do with us, but is merely a reflection of their internal state.

When the attack is at our front door, our ego (our "inner child"), will try to defend itself.  This is a natural response, but not ideal for a peaceful resolution.

In that moment, we are given a beautiful opportunity to ask ourselves:

Do I give this person (or situation) power over me to dictate how I feel?


And truthfully?  You don't.  In spiritual truth, nothing outside of you has power over you, unless you give it power over you.  This includes the behavior of others.

So in that moment, remind yourself:  "I know who I am, and nothing has the authority to destroy my right to choose peace".

Everyone is on their path.  And their path is sacred to their evolution.  We're not all there yet, but we can have compassion for where people are.  Even if they are in a dark place and feel justified in their "right" to hurt you.  It's simply a mirror of how they feel about themselves.  

You have sole authority over your experience.  Nothing and no one has the right, power, or ability to take your peace away.  Remember this always.  Remember Who you are.  And be amazed how little you are affected by the unconscious behavior of others. 

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