Mar. 7, 2021

Be Encouraged

There's always light at the end of the tunnel, and regardless of what happens, a new day always dawns.  

Underlying everything is Love, and we can always choose to perceive it.  In the darkest days, there's always glimmers of Light.  

Give yourself permission to stop and perceive the beauty of nature.  Feel warmth in your heart for the delicate scent of a flower.  Breathe deep life-giving oxygen and feel your body renewed.  Ground your barefeet into the earth and experience your tension melt away.  Know you are a thread in the great fabric of Life and your unique gifts are needed in this world.

Allow yourself to feel love for the miracle that is your body and appreciation for the Divine gift that is your immune system.  In reverence of this body that allows us to be incarnate on this earth, may we cultivate peace in our lives by doing what is necessary to strengthen our minds, hearts, and bodies at this time.

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